Network of School Planners, Ireland

Draft Constitution

  1. The name of the organisation shall be: NETWORK of SCHOOL PLANNERS, IRELAND (NSPI).
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  3. The purpose of the Network shall be to:
  • Nurture Post-Primary teacher learning and professional development in the area of School Development Planning.
  • Provide a resource or contact for all Post-Primary teachers interested in School Development Planning.
  • Share good practice e.g. a peer support network.
  • Be of practical use to all Post-Primary teachers involved in School Development Planning.
  • Develop local relationships which foster effective partnership.
  • Identify upskilling needs and issues arising.
  • Engage with and disseminate best practice in school planning both nationally and internationally.
  1. Membership of the Network is open to all Post-Primary teachers and former teachers.
  2. The administration and activities of the Network shall be conducted in accordance with the rules adopted by a properly convened AGM (Annual General Meeting) or EGM (Extraordinary General Meeting).
  3. The fee for membership of the Network shall be set annually at the AGM.
  4. Membership will be on an annual basis.
  5. The year for the purpose of membership will be that of the school year.
  6. All Post-Primary teachers and former teachers attending the AGM or EGM will be eligible to vote on any procedure requiring a vote.
  7. The AGM will be held within the academic year.
  8. The Chairperson may call a properly convened EGM to deal with any issues that may arise between AGMs and which may require changes in Rules and Procedures.
  9. Fourteen days written notice of an AGM or EGM must be given to all members of the Network.
  10. Each year the Post-Primary teachers present at the AGM shall elect an Executive Committee, otherwise known as the Network of School Planners, Ireland Executive.
  11. The Executive shall consist of a Chairperson, Deputy Chairperson, Honorary Secretary, Assistant Honorary Secretary, Honorary Treasurer, Assistant Honorary Treasurer, Continuous Professional Development Coordinator, Assistant Continuous Professional Development Coordinator and ordinary Executive members. Other officers may be appointed as the need arises.
  12. In as far as it is reasonably practicable the Executive membership shall be gender balanced.
  13. In as far as it is reasonably practicable the Executive membership shall reflect a good geographical spread.
  14. The election procedure shall be one-person one vote.
  15. All candidates, those proposing and those seconding must be Post-Primary teachers or former teachers.
  16. In the event of a resignation the Chairperson shall endeavour to fill the position from the Network membership.
  17. The Executive may co-opt ordinary members to the Executive as necessary within any school year.
  18. Duties of Chairperson: To preside at all meetings of the NSPI and of the Executive. The Chairperson shall have the right to represent the NSPI publicly.
  19. Duties of Deputy Chairperson: The Deputy Chairperson shall, in the absence of the Chairperson, perform the duties of the Chairperson.
  20. Duties of Honorary Secretary: The Secretary shall work closely with the Chairperson in all organisational concerns of the Network, including correspondence, minutes of meetings, organising venues, etc.
  21. Duties of Assistant Secretary: The Assistant Secretary shall assist the Secretary in all matters concerning administration.
  22. Duties of Honorary Treasurer: The Treasurer shall administer the financial concerns of the Network. The Treasurer shall provide a full and accurate account of financial transactions.
  23. Duties of Assistant Treasurer: The Assistant Treasurer shall assist the Honorary Treasurer in all matters concerning finance.
  24. Duties of the Continuous Professional Development Coordinator: To apply for funding from the Teacher Professional Networks, Blackrock Education Centre. To liase with Blackrock Education Centre on all matters regarding Teacher Professional Networks.
  25. Duties of the Assistant Continuous Professional Development Coordinator: The Assistant Continuous Professional Development Coordinator shall assist the Continuous Professional Development Coordinator in all matters concerning liasing with the Blackrock Education Centre.